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out now: maeve aickin’s new single, “temple”

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On October 17th, seventeen-year-old singer-songwriter Maeve Aickin will release her debut single, “Temple,” a tender reflection on the nuances of faith. It is a bare-bones track, with only a reverb-drenched guitar to accompany Maeve’s tender voice. It is the quintessential quarantine song, having been recorded on borrowed school equipment in the intimacy of Maeve’s bedroom. This intimacy is further reflected through her intensely personal lyricism, inviting us to listen in on her deepest thoughts.

“Temple” uses the canvas of religion to paint a deeper picture of oneself. At a surface level, it might be about Christianity, but upon further inspection, it tells a different story altogether; one of obsessive compulsions and doubt in conviction.

It is a sympathetic track that starts off small but manages to swell into something that is greater than the sum of its parts– an amazing feat to accomplish for someone whose first attempt at musicianship was only a short while back. The first time Maeve ever touched a guitar was two years ago, after being inspired to teach herself the instrument upon seeing Julien Baker in concert.

The parallels between Baker and Aickin’s work are unmissable. Throughout this track, the Mumbai and Minneapolis-based musician manages to pay homage to her biggest inspiration without being derivative. “Temple” is the first single to be released from Maeve’s debut album, Waiting Rooms.

out now: emily mcnally’s new single, “pretty girl”

You find the track here.

This August 12, bisexual folk-pop singer/songwriter Emily McNally is releasing her latest single, ‘pretty girl’.  An upbeat guitar-based track perfect for the last days of summer, ‘pretty girl’ was recorded, mixed, and mastered entirely by the Brooklyn-based artist on her iPhone.

‘pretty girl’ is a bubbly tune capturing the feeling of having a new crush and seeing everything through rose colored glasses.  Emily seeks to provide a source of positive queer representation for younger folks, as she struggled to find voices like her own during adolescence.

Emily McNally is creating the soundtrack for the lovelorn and anxious generation of young people with her genre-fluid, DIY bedroom pop music.  With vulnerable lyricism, Emily confronts her own naivete and yearning in layers of lush vocals.  She hopes to share a time capsule of the emotional whirlwind of queer adolescence in order to ease the sense of loneliness in others (and herself). 

out now: corkscrew compilation 001

corkscrew compilation 001 is the product of bedroom-based teenage boredom. The compilation itself contains a diverse range of voices from all over the world, from a “pop obsessed transgender individual from the UK (Sofa King)” to a “indie-folk-country-punk-singer-songwriter person based in NYC (Rella)”. You can find some more detailed information on each artist here.

It has everything from a lo-fi punk cover of a Kate Bush song, to an intricate classical piano track.

Almost all of the artists present on the compilation are still in high school or college.

corkscrew compilation 001 is out on most streaming platforms.